Hakki Pilke Australia
Firewood Mills, NSW, Australia

Firewood Mills has been the official Hakki Pilke Australia distributor since 1998. They have revolutionized firewood processing across the continent and helped numerous firewood businesses to improve efficiency of operations from Western Australia to Queensland.


Jari has further developed the machinery in cooperation with the factory to process even the hardest of Australian eucalyptus species. Today’s machines are equipped with many industry leading features and power options vary from tractor PTO, diesel engine powerpack and 3-phase electrics.


50 pro

470 MM

600 MM


Heavy-duty processor for commercial sized operations and top grade firewood quality.

Features: HakkiCutTM, HakkiSplitTM, AC10 automatic chain tensioner, oil cooler, massive splitting force, no v-belts, small maintenance.
Watch video: 50 Pro

Hakki Pilke 50 Pro was designed in close cooperation with international firewood professionals and tested with the hardest wood species to ensure viability as a professional-grade machine with superior performance in all conditions. Technologically advanced cutting system with market’s fastest splitting cycle challenges heavy built circular saw processors.


43 PRO

430 MM

600 MM


World’s best-selling professional class firewood processor with cycle time of 3.5 seconds and unbeatable productivity.  Features: HakkiCutTM, HakkiSplitTM, AC10, oil cooler, infeed assistant, log landing plates, no v-belts, small maintenance
Watch video: 43 Pro

Highly reliable electric control system that minimizes the number of components requiring maintenance. Process logs with the press of only two buttons when infeed assistant is in use. Log landing plates ensure smooth processing every single cut. Very low overhead costs. Perfect weight ratio makes it very easy to move on site.


38 PRO

380 MM

600 MM


Simple to use high-speed machine with 3 second splitting cycle and the capacity to split the hardest woods into 8 pieces. Features: HakkiCutTM, HakkiSplitTM, AC10, no v-belts, small maintenance.
Watch video: 38 Pro

This machine boasts the easy push button controls and advanced cutting system to make it a top choice amongst producers. Extra features are scaled down to make it the number one choice among top producers looking for highest productivity with smaller investment. Weighing under 900 kg the 38 Pro is moved easily with even small or compact tractors.



The sturdiest log decks designed for full control of logs of varying quality even when piled up in layers for greater efficiency. Log tables are easily extendable offering 2-3 times larger loading space than competitors. Fast chain movements and log separating features allow improved productivity of infeed operations. Watch video: HakkiFeed 472


Other equipment

Advanced hydraulic design and compact size make Hakki Pilke firewood processors highly portable with low fuel consumption. All processors are equipped with debris cleaning pivoting outfeed conveyor that cleans most of the debris before it ends up in the firewood pile. For industrial purposes, Hakki Pilke offers two firewood cleaning devices.

Watch video: Cleaner & Roller

Dealer contact details


Firewood Mills, Cooma, NSW


Jari Alarautalahti
Tel. +61-419-536804
If you can’t reach me, please leave a message through email.
About Hakki Pilke

Hakki Pilke has sold over 30,000 units in over 35 countries. In the 1990s, model 1X37 revolutionized the firewood industry becoming the world’s most sold firewood processor. Today the Hakki Pilke brand is known for its excellent after-sales services and state of the art performance and reliability.

HakkiCutTM cutting interface makes processing fast and ergonomic with press of a button. AC10 automatic chain tensioner doubles the life of saw chain parts and allows chain replacement without tools. HakkiSplitTM 3-speed splitting system provides 3-4 second cycle times for the hardest woods.

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