Firewood in storage.

Firewood as part of security of supply in times of crisis

During the Covid-19 pandemic, one of the emerged themes in the firewood industry has been the importance of firewood when it comes to security of supply in time of crises. The fact is, that firewood does play an important role in the midst of various crises.

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Security of supply and preparedness for various crises have become an increasingly common topic during the Covid-19 crisis. Firewood has a significant role to play in preparing for a wide range of crises and it can be seen as one aspect of security of supply. 


In crisis situations firewood is almost perfect raw material. It helps to take care of almost everything essential, from heating your home to cooking and boiling water with a stove or baking oven - or in ultimate situation by the campfire. 


When stored properly, firewood is very well preserved, which support its use as part of security supply. You can store firewood for more than for the demand of the year, so firewood makes it easy to maintain your own security of supply.


With firewood you can ensure a warm house during harsh winters



Man adding firewood in the fireplace.


Firewood, as part of security of supply and crisis preparedness, will play a particularly important role, if it takes care of heating the home, for example alongside electricity. Firewood is then a significant safety feature for example, in the event of power outages during the winter.


For example, during a storm, natural disaster or other crisis, firewood acts as a reliable fuel and heat source. If a longer power outage hits the middle of a worst frost season, firewood can be a real savior. 


During particularly cold winters, electricity shortage or when electricity prices rise, firewood is an excellent help in reducing energy consumption and the total amount of electricity bills. Firewood is therefore also an affordable way to heat your home and reduce the cost of your own energy consumption. 



Firewood has had different uses throughout history


Old blue gas car.


Did you know that firewood was used a lot also during World War II? At that time, Europe was suffering from a shortage of petrol and wood or coal gasifiers were used in vehicle to use either wood or coal as the main fuel for the engine. Beside this, firewood was also an important supply to help heating homes during the cold winters and to boil water and cook food.


The importance of firewood as part of one's own security of supply should not be forgotten either in these days. It should be ensured that the necessary amount of firewood can be found in one's own stock in the event of a both shorter and longer crisis.


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