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Hakki Pilke
Why should YOU buy A PTO powered firewood processor?

In case you own a tractor that is unused or used only part-time, we..

Hakki Pilke
Product release: Introducing the new 50 PRO 2019 model – Heavy-duty machine with superior performance

Once again Hakki Pilke has been gathering a lot of information about..

Hakki Pilke
How To: Sharpening Your Chainsaw Chain

Regular maintenance of the chainsaw chain and chain bar is important for..

Hakki Pilke
Know Your Customers – A Guide for Beginning Firewood Businesses

Firewood heats homes, helps prepare food and produce charcoal – just to name..

Hakki Pilke
How to Start a Firewood Business?

Are you aware of the steps you can take to increase the profit potential of..

Hakki Pilke
How to Choose the Right Firewood Processor for Your Needs
There are tons of options in the market for efficient firewood processing...
Hakki Pilke
Hakki Pilke Launches New Facebook page and website for North American Customers

Hakki Pilke first entered the North American market in 2002 and has since..

Hakki Pilke
Never Underestimate the Importance of Your Log Deck

The log deck is arguably one of the most important features in a firewood..

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