Safety First: What makes A Firewood Processor Safe and Ergonomic?

Safety and ergonomics are two features you should never compromise on when looking for a firewood processor.
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We previously discussed the main features of a firewood processor for optimizing your productivity. This time we take a closer look at features that make a firewood processor safe and ergonomic. 


A firewood processor with inadequate guarding and poor safety measures can lead to very serious accidents. Always make sure to check and study the safety features when purchasing a splitter or firewood processor to avoid potential danger to you or your workers.

Ergonomics are also a key factor in preventing workplace injuries. Unergonomic designs and working positions are the most common causes for long-term damage.


Firewood Processor Safety

Study the safety guards and features that shut down or lock out the splitter or cutting device. Many older models or semi-professionally built machines lack sufficient guards around the splitting chamber. They might also require handling logs by hand when the saw blade, splitter or saw is in motion, which causes a major safety risk for the user.

Machines designed with a focus in smooth workflow should not require the operator to reach into the cutting or splitting section of the machine. If manual log repositioning or maintenance is required, the operator should have safe and easy access to reach inside the machine without the fear or possibility that the processor could engage in any way.


Only one person should operate a firewood processor simultaneously to avoid crushing hazard.

When looking for a larger firewood processor for commercial purposes keep in mind that the further the splitting knife is from the user, the more difficult it is to re-split large chunks of firewood. Only one person should ever operate or be near the controls of a firewood processor simultaneously to avoid crushing hazard in the splitting or cutting process. This is why you should look for a firewood processor with an outfeed conveyor reverse valve and well-designed multi-part splitting knives.



Firewood processing should not take a toll on your body. The main purpose of owning a firewood processor is to avoid excess manual labor and heavy lifting in order to increase productivity and efficiency of your operation.

Study the user controls of the firewood processor carefully. Separate levers for each function are tedious to memorize and make staying in rhythm difficult even for experienced operators. Hundreds of hours will be saved over the entire life of the machine with controls that are ergonomically friendly. 

An ergonomic firewood processor features…

  • Smartly designed joysticks that give the operator full control while retaining precision cutting and splitting
  • Semi-automated features to reduce delays in the cutting and splitting cycle
  • A simple user interface for minimizing human errors


An ergonomic and comfortable working position decreases the need for downtime and improves operator motivation. Constantly reaching inside the splitting chamber because of difficulty controlling the log cutting, dropping or splitting should be unnecessary with today's modern firewood processing equipment. Even the most comfortable enclosed work station becomes tiresome and unsafe when making any hand adjustments.


Hakki Pilke processors feature smartly designed joysticks for maximum ease of operation.


Avoid machines that require repetitive and straining hand movements which might cause work-related injuries. If possible, test the firewood processor for a couple of hours to see what it is like to operate in the long run.

Many commercial firewood businesses prefer to keep their operations inside and only move the logs and finished firewood instead of constantly hauling firewood equipment around. Consider this option to avoid decreases in productivity due to bad weather.


Learn more about the safety features of Hakki Pilke Pro Series machines:



We recommend looking for a firewood processor that is manufactured under the highest safety standards and regulations and has features designed together in co-operation with experienced users and firewood professionals. Safe and easy operation of a firewood processor keeps you and your operators in full working condition and leads to higher productivity and greater profits!

Extra tip! Make sure that all safety guards and protective devices are in place and functioning properly when purchasing a second hand firewood processor. Always use and service the machine as instructed and intended by the manufacturer.


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