Hakki Pilke HH 110 Log Splitter in use.

When is a log splitter a good alternative to a firewood processor?

A log splitter is a smart choice for professional use when some of logs are too large to process in your firewood processor. In domestic use, a log splitter might also be the most sensible and affordable choice in case you don't need to make a large amount of firewood.

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The firewood processor is an invaluable tool for professional use. Still, in some cases it might be a better option to choose a log splitter to be used alongside the existing firewood processor than to make a jump for a bigger one. In domestic use a log splitter can in some cases even serve instead of a firewood processor. For this post we gathered the benefits of a log splitter for both domestic and professional use.

Nowadays many customers like to buy their firewood short enough to fit directly into their fireplaces, but there is still demand also for bigger pieces of logs that are about one meter long. When the goal is to make these logs, a log splitter is a good solution.


If the plan is to store the pieces of logs for longer time, this works very well with the logs about one meter long. It is also possible to make shorter firewood with a log splitter and you can also use it for splitting dry wood that has bee sawn shorter. 


One of the benefits a log splitter offers is the easy mobility of the machine. A log splitter is easier to transport  close to the logs than a firewood processor planned for the same sized logs.  When you for example want to go the customer with a tractor, fell the tree and then make it directly into firewood at the customers location, the easy mobility of a log splitter is an advantage. 


A log splitter is usually equipped with a log lifter, which helps you to process also big logs with only a single operator. This makes processing wood more efficient and helps to save in labor costs.


HH110Hakki Pilke HH 110 log splitter in use in the forest.


A Log splitter can be useful in both domestic and professional use


A log splitter is usually cheaper than firewood processor in terms of both purchase price and operating costs. When you cut wood with a chain saw and the aim is to make about one meter firewood, a log splitter is a good solution.


Due to the low price a log splitter is a common choice especially for domestic use. When large quantities of firewood are not needed a log splitter is often also the most sensible option for making them. 


A log splitter can also be used in professional use and it is often a good option to be used alongside a firewood processor to process oversized timber. Often the base of logs is wider than rest of the trunk. In this case, using a log splitter to process them first is the most sensible choice. 


Log splitter in use alongside the firewood processor.


Hakki Pilke offers HH 110 log splitter that fulfills all the latest safety requirements in European legislation and is well suited for both domestic and professional use. Hakki Pilke HH 110 is a professional log splitter which is really easy and efficient to operate. The hydraulic log lifter enables easy handling and processing of logs up to 80 cm in diameter and 1 meter in length for a single operator. HH 110 is also a perfect match to work next to a firewood processor to process oversized timber.


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