When is the right time to invest in your firewood business?

It is possible to start a firewood business with relatively small investments. But as your business grows it is important to know, how you can best develop your production process and when is the right time to make new investments. 

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It is possible to start the firewood business with a relatively small investments. Many start their business with existing tools, originally acquired for their own use. When the quantity of the produced firewood is small, this is usually a fairly good option. 
When your business reaches a point where the volumes starts to grow, it is time to develop your operations in a more professional direction. At this point it is wise to invest in streamlining the production. In this post, we want to offer some insights about timing your investments correctly and choosing what tools you should invest in. 

LOG Deck helps to improve the ergonomics and safety

Pile of logs on Hakki Pilke log deck.


Most new firewood businesses produce less that 50 cubic meters of logs per year. This means that smaller firewood processor will be sufficient enough to keep the operation running smoothly. For example Hakki Pilke Raven 33 is an easy-to-use processor that requires only little maintenance. It can be equipped with its own electric motor or it can be used with a tractor, which makes it versatile.  With the outfield conveyor it is easy to make the firewood directly for example in to a trailer.
If the production volume starts to increase, it is time to invest into a more efficient firewood processor. It is worth paying attention not only to the efficiency but also to the ergonomics and comfort of use. For example Hakki Pilke 38 Pro has a HakkiCut -sawing interface and hydraulic splitting blade adjustment. Hakki Pilke 43 Pro has a feeding assistant and a log landing plates that will increase the comfort and ergonomics of you firewood process and thus also affect in the efficiency of the entire process.

We have previously addressed the importance of a log deck as a part of the efficient and ergonomic firewood production. A log deck significantly increases the safety and ergonomics of your firewood process, so it is worth considering purchasing it even if you make firewood only occasionally or in small quantities. At latest when the production volumes start to get higher, the right kind of a log deck is an absolute must. Log deck will not only help you with the ergonomics and safety, but will also make the process more efficient and help you to get the most out of you firewood processor. 

Consider carefully before investing in an artificial drying process

In our previous blog, we discussed how to dry firewood as effectively as possible. Drying is an important part of the firewood production process, but the investments in it should be carefully considered.
If you are using traditional firewood drying methods the firewood should be chopped directly into a warehouse with breathable walls or stack them under a canopy. Investing in these is relatively cheap if compared to the investments required for an artificial drying.
As a rule of thumb, the artificial drying is not profitable unless the annual production is over 1000 cubic meters. However, it is good to keep in mind that if the production volume is close to 1000 cubic meters per year, also a natural drying will require quite a lot from the place of production. In other words the place of production should in this case be warm and windy enough.
If your production place is not ideal for the traditional drying methods you should consider investing in the artificial drying process when the production volume starts to get close to 1000 cubic meter in a year or even a little earlier. 
Drying in windrows.
Photo: A windy and sunny place is suitable drying in windrows, where a high and relatively wide shed can be made, where the logs dry in spring.
The advantage of artificial drying is that you can easily control the material flow also when it is not possible to store enough raw material and dry wood at the production site. Artificial drying also helps you to ensure the consistent quality and adequate availability of the wood sold throughout the year.
One thing that also has an effect on the drying speed of your firewood is cleaning it. Most of the modern firewood processors come with some kind of cleaning system to start with. For example all Hakki Pilke chainsaw equipped firewood processors are also equipped with a cleaning outfeed conveyor. Thanks to this patented solution, the end results is cleaner firewood and therefore the firewood can be made directly into the customer's truck load without any extra debris.
When you start to produce firewood for sale it is right time to invest in an industrial cleaning device. They are usually tumbler style cleaners or have vibrating parts to separate the debris. For industrial purposes, Hakki Pilke offers two firewood cleaning devices, Hakki Pilke Roller ja Hakki Pilke Cleaner.

Firewood operation from above.


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