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Why should YOU buy an electric or Combi model firewood processor?

Low operating costs, high resale value and cleaner working environment are only few of the benefits for an electric and combi model firewood processors.
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If you don't have mobile firewood operations, the best solution for you might be an electric or combi model firewood processor. These models usually have a higher purchase price than the PTO powered processors. But they also have higher resale value and many other benefits. 


The three main reasons to consider buying an electric or combi model firewood processor are:

  1. Low operating costs and high resale value
  2. Compact machine with clean working environment
  3. Quietness and environmental friendliness


Hakki Pilke electric / combi firewood processor in use.


1. Low operating costs and high resale value


The electric and combi model firewood processors usually have a higher purchase price than the PTO powered firewood processors. But with the higher purchase price also the resale value is higher. Especially the combi models have excellent resale value as they fit for the customers in a need of a PTO powered machine as well as for the customers in a need of an electric machine.


Generally, the electric power is cheap to use. In particular in countries with cheap electricity, the electric and combi models have lower operating costs than the PTO powered models. With electric firewood processor the operating costs are also predictable and it is a cost-effective way to operate the machine.


However, it is important to remember that the electric machines require a power line and they are not suitable for mobile work. So, in case you are looking for a machine designed for easy transportation, check out our post Why should YOU buy A PTO powered firewood processor?


”The great benefit of using an electric or combi machine, in addition to its low operating costs, is that it releases the tractor for other work such as moving a trailer or firewood sacks and cages.” 

- Firewood seller, Finland


Moving logs in the nordic forest.


2. Compact machine with clean working environment


Hakki Pilke electric and combi firewood processors have an electric motor inside the machine, hence they weight less than the PTO models with separate PowerPack. The electric and combi firewood processors are also compact packages as the source of power doesn't increase the machine's overall dimensions. When there is no tractor or other power pack behind the machine, the sawdust extraction and cleaning the area around the machine is easier. 


With a sawdust blower, the working environment remains clean. A firewood processor with an electric motor can also easily be installed indoors, for example in an industrial hall. Thus it is protected from the weather and behind the locked doors from vandals. 


In general, arranging electricity for operating the machine also enables the use of additional lighting and compressed air compass for cleaning. These two are indispensable for some firewood operators, especially in the dark working conditions in the northern countries. In addition, the electric models are easy to start-up. A tractor requires heating in the winter and working with fuel oil including refueling, when the electric machines have effortless button start.


A sawdust blower in use with Hakki Pilke firewood processor.


Hakki Pilke firewood processors are compact powerhouses with advanced hydraulic design which ensures low fuel and energy consumption and long life of components. Due to the efficient hydraulics you can also run bigger machine with smaller fuse. For example in EU countries Falcon 35 with 8 tons splitting force: 7.5kW 400V, 50hz. The power transmission features no v-belts. This ensures consistent reliability and performance year after year with minimal electric or fuel costs as they have less serviceable parts.


3. Quietness and environmental friendliness 


Firewood processors with an electric power are quieter than PTO powered machines. There is no smoke or extra noise and the employee motivation remains higher when the air is clean and the working environment quieter.


In general the electric powered machines are highly environmentally friendly option. And in case you home is powered by solar or wind power, running your machine can even be 100% environmentally friendly.

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Are you interested in the electric or combi firewood processors? 

All Hakki Pilke firewood processors are available as electric or combi models. Combi model offers the both power sources with the same compact overall dimensions!  The Hakki Pilke combi models have PTO with 3 phase electric. Click the button below to request a quote and recommendations for the most suitable machine for your needs! 


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