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Welcome to Hakki Pilke Pro series VIRTUAL EVENT!

The Event was on Wednesday 20.10.2021. In case you missed it or missed out something, you can find the event recording from our YouTube channel: Hakki Pilke Pro series event - YouTube. The event is English spoken and lasts about one hour. 


Hakki Pilke firewood processors offer you the latest high technology and innovations that have enabled us to improve the operational efficiency of tens of thousands of firewood professionals and help them maximize their results. Thousands of Hakki Pilke firewood processors are delivered annually to six continents - more than 35 different countries.

In this virtual event we will offer you information about our Pro series that will renew your perceptions of high quality and professional efficiency and productivity in firewood business. For example, newest addition to the Pro series, Hakki Pilke 55 Pro, has been designed together with professionals from all over the world to enable the most efficient production of firewood.


We have Pro series user stories from all over the world for you and on top of this we offer you interesting discussions of the latest industry trends. Don’t miss out!

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Welcome speech and Hakki Pilke introduction 

Anssi Westerlund, Hakki Pilke Business Unit Director

Hakki Pilke today in brief – Global leader in firewood processing

55 Pro – The firewood factory and customer story from Denmark

50 Pro – The heavy-duty processor and customer story from Finland
43 Pro – The commercial grade processor and customer story from New Zealand
38 Pro – The professional firewood processor and customer story from Lapland
Panel discussion – Summary of Pro series and firewood industry trends
Anssi Westerlund, Timo Jussila, Development Manager and Jari Niskakoski, Export Manager

Emma Kimiläinen, a professional racing car driver and F1 commentator, will host the online event.